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Tarot reading May 2024 Water signs

We plan to bring you monthly readings for every sign. Sun, moon and rising. We will try to publish them on different platforms in different formats and edits. Some people like to listen to a reading while in the car, others like to watch it with a cup of tea. And again others prefer little snap edits with the highlights to catch the drift. You take it any way you prefer it, when you run into it. 

All feedback is welcome. We hope to become better and better over time and need your input to get as close to what you need as possible. If you want to support us further like, share, comment on any  channel and if you want to buy some of our fun and cool merchandise, we really appreciate it. Our ambition is to open up and come through with all messages that are circulating our worlds. Enjoy!

The water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces can be found in the videoclips below. With the month of May bringing some big changes, the biggest being the move of Jupiter into Gemini for a full year. The Fishes are encouraged to spread their stories about all that they experienced so far. There will be some people who don’t like you speaking out , but they don’t outnumber the people that can profit from your stories. 

The Cancerians are requested to trust their nearest partners more. You need them to share the successes that are upcoming for you. Sharing the abundance makes it worthwhile. 

Scorpio on the other hand are advised to not be distracted by others and stick with their own ambition. You know what is needed and what you want to accomplish. Others might be your distraction that you don’t need right now.




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